Monday, May 10, 2010

Using Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7

Windows 7 is the new and latest version of Operating System released by Microsoft Corporation on October 2009. Windows 7 has some great features with more security as compared to Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. Remote Desktop Connection is one of the features provided by Windows 7.

Remote Desktop Connection is used to connect to other computer remotely. User can access other computer and can work on that computer remotely. By default, Remote Desktop Connection will be disabled. Administrator needs to enable it using Computer’s Properties page.

Enabling Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7:

1) Right click on Computer on Desktop and select Properties.

2) Click on “Remote Settings” in the Tasks pane of the Properties window.

3) In the Remote Settings Properties page, select "Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer" check box under Remote Assistance section.

4) Then, in the Remote Desktop section, select "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)" option.

5) Click on Apply and then OK.

After enabling the Remote Desktop Connection, you can now access other computers by following below methods:

NOTE: Before continuing, make sure that the Remote Desktop Connection is enabled on other computer also.

1) Click on Start Orb and then All Programs and then Accessories and then click on Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Desktop Connection windows will open.

2) In the window, type the IP address or name of the computer which you want to access in the Computer box.

3) Then, click on Connect button.

4) If the remote computer is password protected, then it will ask you to enter the username and password.

Just enter the username and password and then click on OK.

Now, you have the access to the remote computer. You can work on another computer remotely.

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